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How to prepare for Group-2 Exams physically and mentally?

Count down has started for appearing Goroup-2 Exams. Most of the candidates after preplanned lessons feel some nervousness at time of exams. Here we’re going to teach you how to prepare yourselves by mentally and physically for Group-2 Exams and successful rank marks for Job.
The candidates who are going to appear for Group-2 exams should remember few points on their mind i.e this year there is no conducting of interviews the complete Rank marks decides your eligibility card for getting job. To do this just follow our tips to get succeed in this course and at final the job is yours.
In this limited time of span what you do?
  • Preparation for Mock-up papers
  • Revision of papers

How to categorize time for preparation of Group-2 Exams?
From 2nd July to 4th July, 2012: Mock-up papers work out 
From 5th July to 7th July, 2012: Focus on subject basis topics to get fine rank
From 8th July to 14 July, 2012: Work out for High weight-age subjects
From 15th July to 19 July, 2012: Focusing on Other topic subjects
From 20 July, 2012: Prepare yourself for mentally and physically
  • Work hard in sparing most of the time of Mock-up Exams
  • Within time of span (Allotted for exams) attempt winning answers and stop
  • Analyze marks for each test improvement
  • Scrutinize yourselves where the loop poles in getting less marks

Category wise marks may be divided on three grounds of tests for each paper.
  • For paper-1: Average marks: 110-120 Durable marks: 90-100
  • For paper-2: Average marks: 130-140 Durable marks: 115-125
  • For paper-3: Average marks: 115-125 Durable marks: 100-110

In the above mentioned category wise divided marks conduct mock-up tests and revise again to get successful marks. Analyze of each mock-up test papers, revising and searching for where you did mistake in dipping marks on mock-up tests. Don’t waste more time for analyzing papers.

How to prepare papers subject wise?
From 8th July to 14th July: Its time to focus on all the weight age topics in General studies papers to revise.
Paper-1: Most of the marks arrive from 50-60/450 questions World Geography, Indian Geography, Andhrapradesh Geography topics. Next 40/150 from General Knowledge and Current Affairs 30-35.

Paper-2: History of Andhrapradesh like, Shatavahanas, Cholas, Middle age, Freedom struggles, Kakatiyas, Reddy kings, Vizainagaram kings ruling periods and other cultural changes in this course of period.
Politics: Fundamental rights, Central and State affairs, Departments, Panchayiti raj etc.
Paper-3: Most of the marks arrive from AP State economy instead of Indian Economy.
Maximum focus may be located on AP economy related topics like, 3,4,5 chapters.
Focus and Analyze on 2010-11, 2011-12 and 2012-13 budget related articles on news papers, economical surveys, critics on budgets. May be in this exam most of the questions will arrive from these topics, because last session of exams 2006-07 budgets related information asked in this regard.

From 15th July to 19th July: Not as much of important topics may be reviewed at last. Building of self-control aptitude and preparing you for appearing Group-2 Exams mentally and physically by revising papers sustaining confidence on each topic of papers. Preserve mental capability by regular practicing “Meditation” and keep on going chanting “I am confident and ready for appearing” to succeed in the course to over come stress.
20th July:  
  • Stop your preparation what you’ve done. Most of the candidates lose their results due to pre day tensed about thinking about exam. 
  • Stop preparation before 18 hours of time to exam. This way you can gradually decrease the chances of losing exams and doing mistakes on exam hall.
  • Strictly follow the invigilators advices on exam hall to avoid from debar.
  • Recently one candidate after arriving of 106 marks in Group-1 Exam he disqualified on using of “Whitener”. Be cool on examination hall and rewind these incidents once again.
  • By following “Elimination methods” considerably have chances in increasing marks. Focusing on choice answers in finding wrong answers and moving towards right answers.
Important Author Notes:
  • Spare one hour daily for Current affairs and get prepare informative wise not bits wise.
  • Rewinding of important points daily one hour.
  • Daily 8 to 10 hours of hard work is enough for getting fine marks in converting to job.
  • Don’t rest your mind for these 19 days and don’t habituate you mind with sleep.
  • Don’t go for new information just revising topics is enough.
  • Don’t be materialized be physical and mental then you’ll get success.
  • Your winning Job is waiting for you, Go ahead and reach your Goal.
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