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President of United States urged foreign students in higher education institutions

President of United States Donald Trump urged foreign students educated in higher education institutions in the United States to stay here and contribute to the development of American companies. Trump talked at a media briefing on Friday said that losing immense immigration policies in America is losing talent. To end the loopholes in legitimate immigration policies and to encourage talent-based immigration. He said his administration is thinking of migrating to the United States on the basis of legitimacy and talent.

"Lot of Phone  calls are coming from great tech companies from United States of America (USA). Those who are educated in the good educational institutions of the country say they can not keep here. They go back to China, Japan and other countries. We can not keep them here. They are studying in the best educational institutions here. They can not be here for various reasons. We are losing great talents. We should not do that, "Trump said.

Trump talked about the difficulties faced by the US in the aftermath of the study of foreign students. Talking about this issue was discussed with Democratic congressional leaders. He told that not to drop great companies and talents. There are legitimate practices for those seeking asylum. Recently trumped up an Indian-born police officer in an illegal migrant shot dead and revealed that the boundaries should be more secure to keep Americans safe.

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